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The Getmomo deposit solution

• Works with your existing software
• No learning curve or training required
• Automatic allocation and billing

Getmomo Barkaution - Barkautionskonten Software Oberfläche

Deposit  rethought – fast and easy with Getmomo Deposit

Set up in seconds, so you can take care of everything else.

Getmomo Mieter hinzufügen

Faster invitation of tenants via the Getmomo platform

Automatisches Tracking der Mietzahlungen@2x

Automatic tracking
of all payments

Zinsbescheid und Abrechnung automatisiert
Automated processes From interest notice to settlement

Your advantages with Getmomo compared to other offers

Getmomo Cash Deposit


Free deposit accounts included. EBICS

Without hidden clauses and fees

Free moving service

Simple transfer of all rental agreements

Maximum protection

Deposit protection of € 100,000 per tenant

Interest and tax calculation

Automatically created for each tenant

Automatic payment allocation

For all payments incl. Installment payments

Set up new deposits in seconds

Simple creation of new accounts

Create new tenancies with just a few clicks

Direct payment allocation

Fully automated allocation of all incoming payments

No additional effort for instalment payments

Automatic tracking and display of outstanding receivables

Kautionsverwaltung mit Kautionskonten-Tracking

Uncomplicated billing at the click of a mouse

Fast and direct release of deposits

Payouts and withholdings processed in seconds

Daily interest calculation

Create certificates for each tenant at the click of a mouse

Maximum security for approvals

Direct creation of payment data and release via EBICS

Customers all over Germany trust Getmomo - with more than 300,000 units in their portfolio

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frequently asked questions

This is a collective trust account. This can be opened in the name of the property management company or the landlord. The tenants’ deposits naturally also earn interest. The account therefore fulfils the legal requirements for holding tenants’ deposit payments.

The deposit account is free of charge for property managers and landlords.

Use of the Getmomo platform for deposit management is free of charge.

You can choose each Getmomo product individually. The platform has a modular structure and therefore offers you flexibility.

All incoming payments are automatically allocated via the Getmomo platform. You have a complete overview of all incoming and outgoing payments at all times. Even with instalment payments, you no longer need to store payment plans, but can see the current status for each tenant directly.

Payments are initiated via the Getmomo platform and then automatically transferred to your EBICS software. The payment orders are then released there.

The deposits are subject to German deposit protection, i.e. every tenant’s deposit is covered up to 100,000 euros. This corresponds to a multiple of the typical deposit amount in 99.99% of cases.

The certificate for tenants on an annual basis or after moving out can be easily accessed via the Getmomo platform. The property management company does not have to calculate the interest and possible charges.

The deposit account can be used for both commercial and residential purposes. There are no restrictions on use for commercial units (shops, offices, logistics, etc.).

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