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with the Getmomo guarantee

Payable in monthly instalments

instead a small monthly fee from 1,66 €

Payable in monthly instalments

No billing for the whole year in advance

Only pay from move-in

If the deposit protection is arranged in advance

Become the first choice of your future property management
With Getmomo

71 %

of property managers who accept Getmomo rent deposit guarantees would not accept rent deposit insurance

* Based on a survey of 142 property management companies throughout Germany.

What is a deposit guarantee?

A deposit guarantee is an alternative to a cash deposit as security for rent when moving in. The tenant concludes a guarantee contract with a bank or an insurance company. The respective guarantor guarantees the landlord the payment of the deposit amount, e.g. for damages or rent arrears. The tenant is released from his obligation to pay a cash deposit.

Deposit guarantee, deposit insurance and cash deposit in comparison

The three most common types of rental collateral in Germany are: Cash deposits, deposit guarantees and deposit insurance. In the case of cash deposits, the tenant deposits the deposit amount in a deposit account of his landlord. With bail bonds and bail insurance, this obligation is waived, and the rental security is guaranteed by the surety bond of the respective guarantor. Many landlords prefer deposit guarantees from a bank compared to deposit insurance.

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"I didn't have to pay the high deposit, so I was able to buy the furniture I wanted when I moved in:)"

3.200 € saved

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"It was easy to apply for the guarantee and my landlord was thrilled with the solution"

1.200 € saved

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"I got my security deposit back, it helped me a lot and it was very easy"

700 € saved

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Our solution for your new move-ins or your existing tenants

Renting is often expensive enough. With Getmomo you save yourself the deposit. The Getmomo deposit replacement: The fair guarantee for your rental deposit


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3. You and your landlord receive confirmation

frequently asked questions

Payment for the Getmomo guarantee does not start immediately after the commitment and conclusion of the contract, but only from the agreed start of the rental period. This distinguishes Getmomo from all other providers of security deposit insurance on the German market. This saves you money even before you move in.

There is no minimum contract period for Getmomo deposit protection. The contract can be terminated at any time or is automatically terminated by the return of the deposit by your landlord or property manager. There is no minimum term of 12 or 24 months with Getmomo and the respective partner banks.

In most cases, yes. The Getmomo guarantee is collected on a monthly basis for all deposits below €6,000. This means that you only have a low monthly charge instead of a high annual payment as with most security deposit insurance policies. What’s more, you only pay from the actual move-in date and not as soon as you sign the contract, as is the case with all insurance policies.

No, the Getmomo guarantee is a bank guarantee and not a security deposit insurance. This means that in the event of a claim, it is a bank and not an insurance company that secures possible claims by your landlord. Many landlords do not accept security deposit insurance due to cumbersome redemption conditions. In most cases, a bank guarantee on first demand is accepted alongside a cash deposit. This is exactly what Getmomo offers you with the Getmomo guarantee: a simple bank guarantee on first demand.

The maximum number of persons per application is two, both of whom must meet the minimum requirements and be named in the rental agreement.

Already in use with over 300,000 properties.

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