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Renting is often expensive enough, with getmomo you save the deposit.
The Momo deposit replacement: The fair guarantee for your rental deposit

That's why it's worth it getmomo for you as a tenant ...

Our service is your flexibility

We at getmomo have the vision to make living easier and want to relieve you as a tenant financially. Rental deposits are no longer up to date, so we have developed a better alternative: the Momo deposit replacement. Instead of a high deposit, you only pay a small fee over the rental period.

Rent deposit: why actually?

The German word for “deposit” is “Kaution” and comes from the Latin cautio, which means security. It serves as protection for landlords in the event of damage. In Germany, rental contracts are considered a long-term obligation. During this time there is a risk of rent default for the landlord and the risk of possible damage to the flat.

But rent security works differently:
With Momo you decide what to do with your money

When you have your security deposit of 1800

5 years ago for example
in the MSCI World, the value would be today


You could spend your deposit today alternatively for:

deposit: 1.800

Months of Netflix

toilet paper rolls

Weekly shopping

You could spend your deposit today alternatively for:

deposit: 1.800




toilet paper rolls


Weekly shopping


Get in just three simple steps to your Momo deposit protection

1. Click on the link in the welcome mobile message

2. Complete your profile with just a few clicks

3. You and your landlord will receive a confirmation

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