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The most significant difference between Momo and a conventional rental deposit account: Tenants keep their deposit amount and can freely decide about their money.
This is how it works: With a normal rental account, you have to pay up to three months’ rent to a separate deposit account before moving in. In the event of damage or default of rent, landlords have the right to use the deposit for realizing their claim. Currently, tenants do not receive any interest on their deposit and loose money in real terms due to inflation. With Momo tenants only have to make a payment if a claim has been issued. You can choose whether you want to make this in instalments or one payment. As with the conventional deposit, the maximum amount which can be claimed is worth three months of rent. Landlords receive the claimed amount directly by Momo and have the same security.

You can qualify for Momo in just a few seconds via a link provided by your landlord. Because of this secure process, you do not need to request your data from a credit reporting agency such as Schufa. Instead, your data will be processed anonymously, and you receive an answer in a few seconds.

Currently, qualification without a new flat is not possible. But we are happy to offer contacting your landlord in order to be able to refund your deposit. In addition, our portfolio is growing steadily, so it will be possible soon to use our system to find a new flat offering the Momo deposit replacement.

If rental conditions, such as the size, the duration of the rental agreement or the billing authorization, change, this can easily be changed in the system. Other changes, such as increasing the deposit amount, require prior approval.

If there is any damage to the property, the notification should be made by the tenant. When moving out or in case of rent default, the notification can be made by the landlord as well. In any case, Momo takes on an impartial mediating position. This means that when a default or damage is being reported, we pay out the agreed amount directly to the landlord. Then we will notify the tenant and ask for a statement. Should we determine that the claim is not justified, we will take over the entire resettlement with the landlord. In case of a justified claim, you have the option of repaying in one payment or in instalment to Momo.

No, Momo is not an insurance product, instead it is a credit product. We offer tenants a permanent facility at a pre-agreed amount corresponding to a maximum of three months’ rent. In case of a claim, tenants can choose whether they want to repay the sum directly or in instalments. We use third-party partners from the banking sector to do so.


In the first step, the qualification of landlords and property managers takes place by checking their legitimacy and their associated legal or natural persons within the framework of German legislation.

Subsequently, a decision on future collaboration is made on the basis of standardized portfolio key figures and common objectives are defined. Interested tenants can find the new partners in our register.

Momo charges a monthly fee for tenants who have opted in for the Momo deposit solution. The amount of the fee depends on various factors: the amount of the rental deposit and the location of the property.
In addition, unlike rent deposit insurance, landlords, rental companies and property managers can also cover the costs of their tenants.

Momo works with leading investors from the traditional banking as well as venture capital environment. These provide the necessary credit lines to ensure the direct fulfillment of all possible claims at all times.
Feel free to contact us to find out more about how you are covered as a landlord, rental company or property manager.